Conecomp Systems, Inc.

was born in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania where the infamous Little Conemaugh River joins the Stoneycreek River forming the Conemaugh River. This merging of two to form something greater, the inspiration behind our corporate logo, defines our corporate culture.
   Joining the needs of people to the abilities of technology is in our DNA. Just as people mature over time, technology changes and applications mature. Our current Applications bear limited resemblence to their terminal based ancestors. The next generation, mobile and cloud integrated, will change again; better solutions to many of the same problems.


The future will be built on the foundation of the past

Contributing users have included
What may the future include
John Plummer

Systems Consultant
Software Engineer


Ian Plummer

Network Designer
Software Engineer

Photo credits from Unsplash: River - By Simeon Frank; Keyboard - By James Pond